Relaxing on my Brisbane Show Day holiday, I nearly forgot to write about the censored version of Fallout 3 that will be released in Australia. The original game (that everybody else sees fit enough to play) was Refused Classification by the ACB last month because of in-game morphine use. The for-Australian-eyes version no longer has incentives or rewards for using drugs.

Logan from Kotaku Aus writes:

As expected, the main changes were to the portrayal of drug use in the game. According to the OFLC, the incentives and rewards for their use have been “removed”. I don’t want to cause alarm, but this doesn’t sound like a simple cosmetic change (such as a rename of morphine). I mean, the “reward” for using morphine is the ability to ignore the detrimental effects of pain on the player. I can’t see why you’d use morphine if this was taken away.

In the process I’m sure we have not only reduced drug related dependency in Australia, but wiped it out. Pat on the back to the censors.