I’m currently holidaying in Japan and today I finished my brief stop over in Atami with a visit to the Atami Hihokan – or as it’s better known – the Atami Adult or Sex Museum. An excellent place to spend an hour!

Not only does it offer three levels of exhibits on mainly Japanese sexuality, its position on top of Atami’s cliffs (accessible by cable car) makes for some very nice views of the ocean.

Some of the museum’s highlights:

– A series of window boxes displaying toy-like figurines involved in a number of fetishes, many of which are firmly rooted in Japan like Hentai and bondage.

– Traditional Japanese drawings of sex. The male’s organ is always excessively large.

– A crank connected to a wind machine that when spun blows the skirt of a Marilyn Monroe mannequin up.

– A replica of a whale’s penis. About as tall as me I’d say.

A lot of what was on show was silly (a penis you can ride for 100Yen), but it’s also what made the visit a fun experience. Those silly exhibits and the fact many of the visitors were senior couples says something about the Japan’s attitude towards sex.

For the next 7 days I’m in Tokyo. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to write more soon.