ISP’s who applied to take part in the filter trial have still not heard from the DBCDE on whether their application has been approved, despite the department wanting to start the trial on December 24. A spokesperson for Senator Conroy says they are still evaluating the applications. More at

Do we really need anymore proof the government has no idea of the complexity of the changes they are proposing. Conroy and staff continue to advise the media they are consulting with industry groups, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know ‘the industry’ would not suggest a start date so close to the Christmas break.

Meanwhile, the Systems Administrators Guild of Australia has written to Senator Conroy, announcing they will not support the filter. Donna Ashelford from SAGE-AU writes that the DBCDE testing mechanisms do not reflect actual patterns of internet use and that the proposed Internet filter cannot achieve its stated goal. Read the letter in full here.

Also of note: Mark Newton has written a new letter to Kate Ellis to bring her up to date on recent developments. Mark met personally with Ellis earlier this year to discuss the government’s plan.