My Beautiful Mommy BookThe Aussie Today Show wanted to get stuck into American plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer this morning about his book My Beautiful Mommy, but the M.D left Lisa struggling for words.

I get the feeling the Today Show was expecting a bedtime story for kids that advocated plastic surgery for 5 year olds, but Salzhauer’s book turned out to be little more than a tool designed to help reassure children that their mummy isn’t sick, she just wants to feel better about herself.

What they don’t show in the video is Lisa and Karl’s attack on Salzhauer after the interview had finished.

Karl Stefanovic: ‘Can you believe that guy!!!’

Real pro.

Watch the cut version here on NineMSN. Sorry, I couldn’t rip it to put on YouTube – no plugin for FireFox 3 yet 🙁