UPDATE 01/09/08: The WA greens have confirmed this policy.

The WA Greens party will oppose the introduction of an R18+ classification for games if elected in the upcoming Western Australian election.

According to WAvotes.org.au, a website run by the Australian Christian Lobby where parties respond to questions likely to be raised by Christian voters, the Greens oppose the introduction of R18+ computer games ‘because of the levels of violent content, sexual objectification of women and drug references that provoke this rating.

WA Greens Candidates

WA Greens Candidates

It’s no surprise that the Christian Democratic Party, One Nation, and Family First are against an adult games classification, but I expected a little more common sense and respect for our rights from the Greens.

I contacted their WA office today for further comment on this policy and my request has been passed onto the person who answered the ACL’s survey. 

National Greens policy is to ‘introduce a nationally consistent approach to the regulated sale of X-rated material.’ You’d think a consistent approach to classification of films and computer games might also apply!

Other Parties Policies:

If you’re wondering what the other parties policies on the introduction of an R18+ games classification are, here’s their responses to the ACL in brief:

Libs: Concerned about the current material available to minors. ‘A Liberal Government would support the introduction of a R18+ rating for computer games in conjunction with the efforts of the Commonwealth Government and other Australian states and territories.’

One Nation: Supports placing restrictions on all computer games television & films.

Labor: Will await outcome of any public consultation undertaken by the States and Commonwealth Attorneys- General before deciding.

Nationals: No policy.

Christian Democratic Party: Will oppose an R18+ rating for games, work to retain MA15+ as the highest.

Family First: Opposes. ‘In fact, we would support a tightening of the censorship regime in Australia for free to air television and greater controls over internet pornography.’

Janet Woollard: Opposes.

WA votes September 6. Remember to review all the parties policies thoroughly and not rely on the ACL/WAvotes website.