Greens member for Western Australia’s North Metropolitan Region, Giz Watson, has confirmed with me via email that the WA Greens do oppose the introduction of an R18+ game classification.

She says that the Greens do not want computer games that have high levels of violent content, sexual objectification of women and drug references available to people under 18 and they support regulation that would achieve this.

I promptly pointed out to Giz that games with strong violence are already available to people under 18. Many are squashed into the MA15+ category. Introducing an R18+ classification for video games would provide a more accurate classification system and restrict adult games to adults.

The Greens goal to keep these sorts of games out of the hands of people under 18 would be far more achievable with an adult game rating, not without.

For those of you in WA (or anywhere for that matter), it might be worth politely sharing your thoughts with Giz as she is responsible for these matters in Parliament. Her contact details are available from her website.

If game censorship is important to you, the Liberal party looks to be your best bet on polling day.