I haven’t had time to fully read the Goverment’s report on Sexualisation of Children in the Contemporary Media, but at first glance it doesn’t appear they’ve fallen prey to the hysteria and scaremongering that was thrown around like a ragdoll by certain groups and moral crusaders. I’ll cover the good and bad from the report on this blog over the weekend, but in the meantime you can read it yourself here (PDF).

Here’s a sample:

1.50? The shock value of a term like ‘corporate paedophilia’ may help to stimulate debate on the general question of the targeting of children as consumers, of which sexualisation is a particularly damaging subset, but it also distorts that debate. Targeting children through advertising, creation of the ‘tween’ market and the presentation of inappropriately sexualised? images of children as part of these processes may be reprehensible and potentially damaging but it is not comparable to the criminal, physical, sexual assault of children.

Cheers to Irene on the STOP Censorship mailing list for the tip off.