Turns out David Marr’s The Henson Case was released today, not November. Early days, but here’s some reviews/opinions:

Peter Craven- The Age

‘The Henson Case does not, for instance, constitute a savage and explicit denunciation of the anti-pedophile campaigner Hetty Johnston, who thinks that to take a photo of a young girl with her clothes off is necessarily pornographic.

Nor is there much in the way of criticism of the Prime Minister’s unrepentant revulsion. Marr says the Camelot moment with the arts community is over, but his book is not the cri de coeur that one might expect from Marr if the philistines in this case were conservative.’

Miranda Devine – SMH:

‘Marr told me it had been important to write the book fast, before the story had congealed into a version of the truth Henson supporters didn’t like. His publisher, Text Publishing, is owned by Michael Heyward, a friend of gallery owners Roslyn and Tony Oxley, heirs to the Walton and Bushell fortunes.

So it is ironic that the final draft of history Marr and Heyward set out to produce has now blown up in the faces of Henson’s apologists. The revelation that Henson had trawled for fresh models at a Melbourne primary school, after being invited by the principal to inspect her charges one lunchtime, has sparked understandable alarm from parent and teacher groups. The Victorian Premier, John Brumby, has ordered an investigation.’

Alison Croggon – Theatre Notes:

‘One can hope for sensible debate in the midst of the heat. I always do. In the meantime, I recommend Marr’s book for its clear, dispassionate analysis of how this great national uproar unfolded. It’s mandatory reading for anyone who seeks to discern the facts amid the fuss.’