Jay Jays will remove the Little Loser line of clothes from their stores window displays and will not restock shirts that carry alcohol-related messages or sexual innuendos.

The removal comes after concerned parent groups and the Family First New Zealand lobby group demanded the shirts be removed from sale. Family First NZ claimed the shirts, which feature slogans such as Miss Bitch, Miss Wasted, and Mr Well-hung, sexualised teenagers and young children.

However, Just Group managing director Jason Murray denied the Little Losers range of shirts was targeted at children.

“The range is only available in adult sizes and the advertising has been placed in magazines that are intended to be read by young adults,” he told AAP.

Of course, the protesters didn’t quite get what they wanted – the shirts aren’t being burned. Nor did they get them replaced with ones boasting Mr Mummas Boy and Miss Good Grades. Jay Jays will still sell them until stocks run out and as far as the media is concerned, the story is over. Now how many shirts are back in the warehouse is anyone’s guess.

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– Mike