Fred Nile

Fred Nile

There’s a trend amongst those calling for Bill Henson’s blood to link the artist’s photography to a slew of other unrelated issues in hope of validating their argument. Be it rape, raunchy t-shirts and music, or in Fred Nile’s case, ‘Homosexual Mardi Gras.’

“I congratulate his main defender, David Marr, for his consistency, because as patron of the indecent Homosexual Mardi Gras he is not offended by near-naked teenagers and topless lesbians parading through the streets of Sydney. Obviously he would not be offended by Bill Henson’s photographs which are really child pornography” said Rev Fred Nile MLC.

Christian Today – Thursday, 9 October 2008

If it was anyone else you’d think they’d forgotten to take their meds, but in old man Nile’s case it’s not really surprising is it. It’s offensive that he claims those who attend the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras would not be offended by child pornography, but not surprising.

Bill Muehlenberg’s no better. He asks what’s the difference between Henson and a paedophile. His answer ‘Not much.’ He also goes off about the fall of civilisation:

‘Indeed, it is we, the concerned parents and citizens of Australia, who are really at fault. After all, Craven informs us that we are nothing but “zealots,” “philistines,” “socially deranged,” and running on “hysteria”. Yes, we are the real monsters here. We are destroying society and bringing the West to ruin because we have so foolishly thought that children matter, that they are weak, vulnerable and easily exploited, and that they deserve our highest care and attention. Foolish us.’


‘So I have an idea. The next time I run a red light, punch out a foolish Age columnist, or take a few liberties with a toddler, I will just plead the excuse of “art”. I dare any judge or court to convict me in that case. If they refuse to do anything about Henson, then they should surely leave me alone.’

No Bill, what you just described is illegal. I dare say he or she would find it a joy convicting you. I know I would.

Thanks to Bob for the link.