Dale Clapperton asks a very important question: Can Labor implement a ‘clean feed’ without legislation? He writes:

To get any legislation through the Senate at the moment, Labor require the support of either the Coalition, or all seven of the other Senators (five Greens, plus Steve Fielding and Nick Xenophon).  If the Coalition oppose the legislation, any one of those other Senators voting against it will ensure its defeat.  The Coalition look like they will oppose it, and Senator Scott Ludlam from the Greens was hostile to it in a Senate committee hearing earlier this week, so at this point there appears to be a decent chance that legislative reforms to implement ‘clean feed’ wouldn’t get through the Senate.

The Answer? Dale says “unless I’m missing some key factor, the answer to the question seems to be that Labor can’t implement a ‘clean feed’ without legislative changes unless the IIA cooperates with them.  The real wild card is then whether the IIA would cooperate with the government in this way.” See his analysis here.